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    !!!Thank You!!!  !!!Thank You!!!  !!!Thank You!!!  !!!ThankYou!!!        

                                 Luke and Kati

First and foremost we want to thank our awesome son Luke and his wife Kati.  Without you two continuously helping out we would have  already thrown in the towel.  The two of you have spent an amazing amount of time and energy helping turn this piece of undeveloped land into a work- ing ranch:  Washing and grooming, pulling out cuckleburrs, catching calves, shoveling manure, delivering foals, caring for animals, pulling all-nighters watching foaling cameras when Rod & I couldn't keep our eyes open, to name a few. THANK YOU!
Luke - your constant help - building fences, burning fields, helping with building the stable, chopping wood, cleaning fence rows, hauling hay numerous times, taking care of all 11 dogs, cleaning out the garage (at least a dozen times), checking on foals at K-State when driving 2 hrs. was the last thing you wanted to do, dealing with the cows, helping us with the horses - is all appreciated more than you will ever know.  To the best son in the world we THANK YOU! 


You both put up with our quirks, deal with our outbursts when we're exhausted, take care of us when we're sick or hurt and do it all with a maturity way beyond your years. We are the luckiest mom and dad ever because we have not only a great son but were given the most fabulous daughter in the world when Kati married you. 

Kati -  There aren't many daughter-in-laws that would be as good a daughter as you have been to us: Coming down when Ann was sick, cooking countless meals that are always delicious, dealing with 2000lb. horses without fear or hesitation, wrangling cows, helping with office work. painting fences and stalls, and who spent hours to get Baby V to finally drink from his mom?  Only you!  Your patience, calm, and dignity are priceless.  THANK YOU! 

For all the times you receive a last minute call and come 90 miles with no questions  asked, We Thank You from the bottom of our hearts.  You two make life so much easier with your sense of humor, hard-work ethic & unselfishness.  O'Bannon's  DunRovin'  Ranch is yours as much as it is ours and we are blessed to be able to share  it with you.                                                                            Love,                                                                                                                         Mom and Dad



Thank you Kathy Ramey of Thornhill Farms for your continued support.   www.thornhillclydesdales.com  We have counted on you being there so many times and can never repay you for the help you have given us.  Everyone needs a friend like you, who not only provides good food and a comfortable bed, but will get up every few hours and help give a sick foal that's not even theirs an IV!  Thank you also for  opening your home to us on several occasions when we needed to be close to our vet.  We know we can call you in the middle of the night and you'll have a stall cleaned and ready  when we arrive.  Your understanding and compassion helps ease those awful times when being a horse owner is pure heartache. 

Thank you for all the times when we were starting up and had to borrow some piece of equipment we didn't realize we would need.  Thank you for bringing food to the guys during construction and for introducing us to our vet.  Thank you for your sense of humor and ability to make hard work fun.  You are a treasured friend!  THANK YOU!

               DunRovin' Ranch Fence Crew

A huge THANK YOU Goes out to our "FENCE CREW", the ones that BUILD 'EM STRONG because HEAVY HORSES LEAN HARD..  This consists of everyone that has assisted in the design, installation, welding, sanding, never-ending painting and repairing, or any other aspect of helping with the heavy metal fencing and gates necessary to keep our four-legged family members safe.  ROY, LUKE, MATT, KATI, CURTIS, EVERETT, LINDA, AARON, LEIGH, RANDY, LYNDA, JOSH...........please let me know if I've missed someone and once again,  THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! 

          Friends, helpers, riders, drivers, everyone!


Roy - Brinkoetters Ironworks, Pleasant Hill, MO  816 - 540 - 4892 www.biwonline.com  Ahhhh Roy - Best friend, brother, hyper, stubborn, grouchy, pain in the neck, WE LOVE YOU!!!  You are truly family, as only you can get away with yelling at us and telling us where to get off.  There are not enough thank you's to cover even a fraction of what you've done for us.  Your astounding iron and metal work, your big equipment, digging water lines, flatwork, leaving your warm bed in the middle of the night to help us with our foal - none can compare.  Our gates are incredible and our stalls not only sturdy, but attractive. 

Aaron  -  So many titles:  Hard worker, horse washer, barn builder, deck mover, foal wrangler, little brother, pain in the @!#%*!!!  Just knowing that you would come 40 miles (in probably 30 minutes) at the drop of a hat if we needed you means more than you can know.   Thanks for being so fun and helping out with anything and everything.  You find out who your friends are.....Great friend we THANK YOU!

Matt - Our extra son, the Weed-Eating Machine!  Only you came and stayed for days during the ice storm when no one else could make it.  There's not much pleasure cleaning up after 16 barn ridden horses - not many could hang tough through that.  Thank you for coming down whenever we need you to do whatever needs to be done:  parades, grooming, cleaning stalls, burning, welding, riding greenbroke mares, hauling hay, the list is never-ending.  Thanks to you, we were finally able to go on a vacation last year!  The horses love you, the dogs love you and we love you!  THANK YOU!

Everett & Linda  -  If it weren't for your help years ago, it is highly unlikely this ranch would have ever happened.  Thank you so much for helping to make our dreams come true!

Leigh - Thank you for your fabulous photos. You have an amazing natural talent along with the patience (and sneakiness) to catch those one-in-a-million shots.  We all get so busy that sometimes we forget you're around snapping away!  Lady Leighs Photography  is highly recommended by all of us at the ranch.  Also thank you for all the times you've come over and stepped in giving baths, grooming, doing anything and everything needed at the time.  Last of all, for all the time you've spent just listening and commiserating.  You are an awesome lady and we THANK YOU!

Rachel - You are a worker!  You get to a parade and dig right in immediately.  Work hard now - party strong later.  You could get these big pets ready by yourself.  Your riding skills are invaluable and our Big Girls love you.  For everything you have done, we THANK YOU! 

Dan - Everyone with tall horses needs a helper your height.  It sure makes harnessing easier.  You are a great, calm, pleasant, teamster that has a way with these big equines!  Nothing phases you, so nothing bothers them.  Thank you for all your help building & repairing both wagons &  equipment and for the all-nighter you spent helping us get ready for Lawrence. Your easy-going nature makes it a pleasure working with you.  THANK YOU! 

Sabrina - www.logouup.com.  The dress shirts, hats, jackets, t-shirts, bags, backpacks, etc.  Pretty much anything you see our crew wear at shows, parades, and usually daily at the Ranch are done by our graphic artist Sabrina.  She is the absolute best at artwork, ideas, embroidery, and silkscreen printing.  Sabrina, you have done great work and done it on such short notice that we know you've had some sleepless nights because of us.  You are one of the few still around that show pride in their work and make it perfect.  Plus, you are always so pleasant to be around.  THANK YOU!

Kay (Rod's mom) & Jim - What can we say?  You found a semi for us, took care of truck repairs, sew fantastic and cook even better!  Our hundreds of yards of stall curtains are awesome.  Thank you for making the foal sling and having it done in record time.  For doing so much on such short notice and doing it perfectly - THANK YOU!

Josh - Wagon building, parades, fence welding, mowing, riding, construction .... THANK  YOU! 

Sandy -  You're a truly good friend.  You were such a big help when we were starting this whole process.  We'll never forget all the weekends you drove down to help out, spread lime, build, put up with us, & babysit our dogs when Luke and Kati couldn't.  What would we have done without you?  Only a handful of people can handle those intimidating  Shepherds and you're great at it.  THANK YOU!

To everyone that has helped with anything:  Rhonda with pictures,   Denise at Dresslers for helping with pups and food, Don & Shelly for all you've done, our neighbors Dane & Pam for pleasantly putting up with our dogs, Brooklyn for helping lead foals, Dane for helping give shots & to help whenever we call ...... All you guys that have helped with construction:  Curtis, Tony, Luke, Jimmy, Jim, Jamie, Steve, Bobbie B., Bob P., Richard, Honk, Miles, Troy, Sam.....

     We've found out who our friends are and we THANK YOU ALL!   



        Music credit:  'Find Out Who Your Friends Are' by Tim McGraw from his          Greatest Hits Volume 1, 2, & 3 album.