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ASHA Shire Stallion #22855-S

 YF Mister Apollo


   !!! Apollo is now available to approved mares for chilled  semen !!!                                                     (With a signed contract)

*Please note*   ALL fees in our contract are listed below.  There are no other hidden fees.  When you get semen from a breeder be sure and check on the TOTAL fee amounts - you may be surprised.  

        *10% discount for bookings of multiple mares by the same owner        (Sorry, only one discount shall apply) 

Fees and Remittance of Fees  

            $150.00 (non-refundable) booking fee   Due with signed contract                    All other fees - due prior to first shipment.

            - $250.00 (remainder of stud fee) (Registered Shires)

            - $300.00 (remainder of stud fee - all other breeds) 

          - $250.00 Equitainer deposit (returned upon receipt of undamaged container)

            -   $50.00 Shipping fee  (*This fee may be modified as deemed necessary*)                ________________________________________

              $700 to $750  Sub-Total of fees (depending on breed of mare)              minus  - $250         Which will be returned upon receipt of undamaged Equitainer                                   container which will make Total Fees of ......                                                                                                            

                $450 - $500 Total of Fees! (depending on breed of mare)  


Pedigree of YF MISTER APOLLO           


                       Sire:  Fox Valley Oliver (the Breyer horse for the Shire breed)         

Dam:  Fox Valley Marcia

Line breeding: GRANGE WOOD WILLIAM - Breeding Coefficient = 15%
Line breeding: LADBROOK ARISTOCRAT - Breeding Coefficient = 14.58%
Line breeding: EDINGALE MASCOT - Breeding Coefficient = 12.5%
Line breeding: LADBROOK GILLIAN - Breeding Coefficient = 11.25%
Line breeding: LADBROOK INVADER - Breeding Coefficient = 11.25%
Line breeding: EDINGALE LADY IN WHITE - Breeding Coefficient = 10%


YF Mister Apollo 


Fox Valley Oliver 


           Sire:                Fox Valley Haleys Comet

  Sire:    Ladbrook Aristocrat 

 Ladbrook Invader        Ladbrook Gillian         

  Dam: Tremoelgoch Sabrina

Calton Lees Donald        Hillmoor Lucky Lass

         Dam:            Decoy Alice                           

         Sire:             Ruskington King  William 

Hainton William    Ruskington Elaine

             Dam:                Decoy Charm

Edingale Mascot                        Decoy Dark Lady 


Fox Valley Marcia


Fox Valley Eureka 

Leaphouse Edward

Ryefield Select         Leaphouse Lady Grey 

          Dam:                 Chipstead Lady Elaine

Hanningfield Majestic King                                 Celtic Supreme Lady 


Fox Valley Sable

               Sire:                       Fox Valley Mascot's Destiny

Edingale Mascot             Llanpem Queen 

             Dam:                      Fox Valley Onyx

Ladbrook Aristocrat            Fox Valley Dark Daughter