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* * * * Our*Spotted*Girls * * * * 


Iris (O'Bannons Irish Rose) born 4/21/05

Registered Premium N.A.S.D.H.A. Mare


Sired by Tinker Toy Toby and out of Splash in Shady Creek --- our 8yr.old Premium NASDH mare, Iris came here only a few months of age with our Shires, Crystal and Lily.  The Spotteds were Rods idea.  It was first thought he had made a mistake because she was so wild and scared.  She'd not had much human contact at all coming off of about 6000 acres.  Crystal let Iris nurse off of her, we handled, groomed and just kept messing with her until she settled in like a trooper.  She is now one of our foundation mares, is absolutely HUGE, second in command in the pasture, really enjoys being driven, working, and being groomed.  Iris (with Apollo's help) has given us two sweet, sweet fillies (April & May) and is a fantastic mama.  In the upcoming months, she will be bred for a 2015 baby.  We are both so glad she is with us.  You can see more of Iris on our Photo Gallery Page and also on our ! Babies ! Page with her babies, April & May.


Lacey (O'Bannons Irish Lace) born 5/16/06 

Registered Premium N.A.S.D.H.A. Mare  


Sired by Wandamere Patches and out of Farbig Dakota Lady  ---  our 7 year old Lacey, our second Premium NASDH mare, came to us a year after Iris.  Rod wasn't sure we'd keep her because, although she matched color-wise with Iris to make a team, he didn't think she'd get big enough.  I talked him into keeping her and just the last few months he has decided she WILL be big enough!  She is now on a team with her sister Iris and is still voted Miss Photogenic.  This girl will stand for an hour and not move a muscle while being brushed. She  absolutely loves being groomed and her baths are just as enjoyable to her.  She will soon be bred to Apollo for a 2015 foal.  She is such a sweetheart it's easy to love her!  Go to our Photo Gallery  page to enjoy more pictures of our sweet Lacey.


April (O'Bannons April Rose) born 4/26/09 

Registered Premium N.A.S.D.H.A. Filly


April is our NASDHA 4yr. old out of our Spotted draft mare, Iris  and sired by our National Champion Shire stallion Apollo.  She is very pretty, super flashy, and has a darling little black dot perfectly centered in the middle of her white tail.  April has fluid action like her mama and is already huge, very strong and tall - even taller than our Shire babies.  She has proven herself to be a calm sweetheart on the trails and in parades and everyone loves the chance to ride her in our events.  Please enjoy more of April on our  ! Babies !,  Sales,  and Photo Gallery  Pages.  


May (O'Bannons May Belle) born 5/8/11  

Registered Premium N.A.S.D.H.A. Filly


Miss May is our now 2 yr. old NASDHA filly out of our Spotted draft mare, Iris  and sired by our National Champion Shire stallion Apollo.  Everyone here has voted her Miss Congeniality as they all think she is the sweetest horse on the ranch.  Since all of ours are sweethearts - this is no easy win!  She shows all the signs of being just as calm and cool as her sister April and as she gets older, will be trained under saddle for the parades and expos to show how great and diverse this breed really is!  Please enjoy more of May Belle on our  ! Babies !,  Sales,  and Photo Gallery  Pages.