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O'Bannons Magic Tormey

Reg. GCDHA Drum Horse

!!! Congratulations to Kevin & Michelle !!! 

Thank you for giving Tormey such a good home where he is well-cared for, worked, loved and treasured.

Tormey went to live at his new home in Trinidad, CO with new mom & dad, Michelle and Kevin.  He seems to be adjusting to his new place nicely. 


Kevin you are soooooo busted!  Are you giving a horse a kiss?  REALLY??





On the right is Tormey checking out his new digs.





AHHHHHH!!!  There's just nothing better than the smell of fresh mountain air. 



     Tormey and his new          It doesn't matter where I         Tormey's first time        mom, Michelle.                am - I am still gorgeous!              under saddle.

Tormey meeting his new pasturemate Moose and looking out at his new view of the mountains I'm sure thinking, "This new place is going to be all right."



      Mom & Dad O'Bannon seeing         Tormey off to his new home.



Dear Tormey,

Have fun, be well, have many safe & new adventures, enjoy new friends and be good.  Don't worry, we will definitely come visit you.  We sure will miss you -  our big, smart, calm, fun, pocketpet!  You have given us so much joy.  We know that you will give Kevin & Michelle the same.  Never forget  We Love You Tormey !    


Your first Mom & Dad, Ann & Rod