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YF Mister Apollo  

*Apollo is EVA negative and available to approved mares for chilled semen*  (With signed contract ) 

Foaling Date: 1/1/2002   Current Height: 18.2H   Current Weight: 1800lbs

Sire:  Fox Valley Oliver           Dam:  Fox Valley Marcia


!! See Apollo's Pedigree on our Stallion Services Page !!


Booking fee - $150.00     Total Stud fee - $450.00 - $500.00

shipping included    

*Please note* ALL fees in our contract are listed below - there are no other hidden fees.  When you get semen from a breeder be sure and check on the TOTAL fee amounts - you may be surprised. 

            *10% discount for bookings of multiple mares by the same owner.                                                     (Sorry, only one discount shall apply)


 Fees and Remittance of Fees 

           $150.00 - Booking fee (Non-refundable) - Due with signed contract. 

       *All other fees - Due prior to first shipment *

           $250.00 - Remainder of stud fee  (Registered Shires)

           $300.00 - Remainder of stud fee  (All other breeds) 

           $250.00 - Equitainer deposit  (Returned upon receipt of undamaged container)

           $50.00  - Shipping fee  (*This fee may be modified as deemed necessary*) 


          $700 - $750  Sub-Total  of Fees  (Depending on breed of mare)

minus- $250       - Which will be returned upon receipt of undamaged Equitainer                                     container which will make Total Fees of .....

 $450 - $500 Total of Fees! (depending on breed of mare)



*Proven in:  Breeding, Show, Halter, Husband-safe, Hitch, Parades, Pleasure Driving

is our gorgeous 18.2 hand tall (modern-style) stallion out of Fox Valley Marcia and sired by Fox Valley Oliver.  Oliver is the shire stallion that the Breyer company modeled their Shire horse after.  You can read about some of Apollo's awards on the back of the Breyer box.  Apollo is built in the modern-style, tall and lean with a smaller barrel and long legs - he is indeed mesmerizing. 

This stallion gets along with everybody: dogs, horses, cows, people..... Besides being extremely gentle and sweet, Apollo is a true gentleman with his mares, as well as a great dad to his babies.  He actually 'talks' to his foals & weanlings and seems to genuinely care for them!  Fortunately for us, he also loves parades and shows and really loves to play the crowd -  he's a natural.  Although we sit on his back, we haven't broken him to ride yet, but he does seem to enjoy pulling our show and other hitch wagons with his pasturemate Moon.