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* Our Shire Foundation Mares * 


                       Crystal (Crystal Pepsi) born 7/7/1993


18.0 hand mare out of Pepsi and sired by Dua He Chi's Eli. 

Crystal Pepsi will turn 18 this year.  Along with being our herd leader, she's the best mom/grand mom/aunt in the world!  She is one of those few mares that let other babies nurse off of her!  She came to us off of 6,000 acres up north & didn't even know how to eat out of a bucket, much less take treats from your hand, when we got her.  Well she's mastered those tasks now and loves practicing both.  She's also gotten spoiled with the stable.  If the weather barely turns cold - she brings the herd up, if it gets hot & she wants fans - the herd is at the gate waiting to come in.  Crystal is the proud mom of Lily, Sunrise, Legacy and Baby "V" among many others and her gentle, sweet nature was put in all of them.  We have decided to retire her from her broodmare status so that she can live out the rest of her years just being in charge of the herd.  You can see more of  our Cryssy on our  Photo Gallery  and !Babies!  Pages.   

             Lily (O'Bannon's Crystal Lily) born 5/26/2006


17.3h mare out of our Crystal Pepsi, sired by Fox Valley Equalizer 

This is my Lily, and yes, she is my favorite, special, gorgeous, true black, Shire mare!!!  In the first picture she's saying "Ahhhh mom, you know I hate holding still. I'll do it, but only for you!"  By the way, she is in the field and nothing is making her  stay but her own sweet will. (ears down & all)      

Here's a young Lily a bit sweaty after a parade, but ready for more.  She is the first weanling I ever dealt with and although she is the most spirited mare we own, Lily and I  have a true bond with each other. If a disagreement  with the horses breaks out when I'm in the field, she even blocks me from  the ruckus.  When it's warm, I go out where she's laying down resting in the pasture and lay on her to take my reading break.  There are more pictures of Lily, Tristan's mama, for you to enjoy on our Photo Gallery and ! Babies ! Pages.  Even if I was unbiased, I would still say she really is the most beautiful mare ever!     * I so love my pretty girl!*           

   Sunrise (O'Bannon's Crystal Sunrise) born 5/26/2006   


17.3h mare out of our Crystal Pepsi, sired by Wandamere Patches. 

Sunrise was the first foal born here and she is the one we call our "bombproof" horse.  We ride her, work her, drive her and still haven't found anything that bothers her yet.  In the center picture she's giving one of our helpers (Matt) a kiss while waiting in line at the Christmas parade in Lawrence.  Don't feel too special Matt, she does it to everybody!  In the picture below on the left, Ann is riding her beside our daughter Kati's registered quarter-horse mare we call Red.  As you can see, there is quite a size difference.  Rod's favorite Shire girl, Sunrise is also a favorite for people to ride here at the ranch and in parades and shows.  Rod calls her his "sweetie-pie" and has even used her to round up the Longhorns!  

Sunny on her very first riding lesson (at top) - an angel!  Sunrise & Amy helping clear a downed tree (right).  If you like, you can see more of Sunrise on our Photo Gallery  and our ! Babies !  Pages.

       Charlotte (Prairie Creek Charlotte) born 6/17/2004  


17.2 hand Shire mare out of King Creek Constantina and sired by Crossfields St. George. 

The first picture is so Charlotte - waiting for dinner with her head out the door.  When our grand-daughter goes to the the stall, Charlotte rests her lips on Maddi's head & they both stay so still, it's adorable.  Char also loves to fall asleep with her head on your shoulder but WOW it can get heavy!   She has been such a good parade mare to ride for us that we haven't even taught her to drive yet.  The boy on her in the picture below was riding her in her very first parade and she seemed to love it as much as he did.  Webber was Char's first foal (get it - Charlotte's Web) and she's a wonderful mama.    She epitomizes the Shire horse breed.  Truly a Gentle Giant. 

Charlotte and her full sister Amy came to us in September of 2007 at which point I discovered that they had the same Grandparents as Lily and Sunrise which meant Crystals mom (Pepsi) was Lily, Sunrise, Amy, & Charlotte's GrandDam!!!  So Char and Amy were Crystal's nieces!  What a small world.  This was pretty exciting news for us.  Needless to say these two beautiful girls fit perfectly into our program here at the ranch!  Enjoy more photo-graphs of Charlotte by going to our  ! Babies !  and  Photo Gallery  Pages.    

        Amy (Prairie Creek Adorable Amy) born 6/14/2006


17.2 hand Shire mare out of King Creek Constantina and sired by Crossfields St. George.

Amy really is adorable like her name and so very, very beautiful.  A kind, gentle, good-hearted mare, she is  the full sister of Charlotte and has that same sweet personality.  She's been easy to train for a variety of jobs, but she likes her grooming time the best.  Amy is a very loving horse that will stand for hours while you pet her.  This trait - and the fact that she comes looking for hugs all the time - has made her my 2nd favorite girl.  Great in parades, she drives with Sunrise and is green-broke to ride.  We all adore Amy and are so happy she is with us!  There are more pictures of her on our  Photo Gallery  Page for your enjoyment.