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All of our Shires are registered with the ASHA (American Shire Horse Association).  To get to the worldwide Shire studbook go to http://www.shirestudbook.com/





     Yes, that's our Labrador        Morning          "I'm COMING!"          Ben enjoying some oats                                        Mama!  .   with his buddy Apollo!       


                                          *AFTER THE PARADE*


                      Who says 2 stallions       ! The big boys & mom !                      can't get along?  


(YF Mister Apollo - born 1/1/2002) 

is our gorgeous 18.2 hand tall (modern-style) stallion out of Fox Valley Marcia and sired by Fox Valley Oliver.  Oliver is the shire stallion that the Breyer company modeled their Shire horse after.  You can read about some of Apollo's awards on the back of the Breyer box.  Apollo is built in the modern-style, tall and lean with a smaller barrel and long legs - he is  indeed mesmerizing. 

This stallion gets along with everybody: dogs, horses, cows, people..... Besides being extremely gentle and sweet, Apollo is a true gentleman with his mares, as well as a great dad to his babies.  He actually 'talks' to his foals & weanlings and seems to genuinely care for them!  Fortunately for us, he also loves parades and shows and really loves to play the crowd -  he's a naturalAlthough we sit on his back, we haven't broken him to ride yet, but he does seem to enjoy pulling our show and other hitch wagons with his pasturemate Moon.

              !!!Our gentle giant Apollo truly is the perfect Shire Stallion!!!             

     More pictures of Apollo, including some of his parade appearances, are           located on our Photo Gallery,  Stallion Services, and  Home Pages.

NOTE *** See Apollo's Pedigree on our Stallion Services Page,                    along with all of our breeding/semen information.

              Some of Apollo's Accomplishments                             

 Oklahoma State Fair, September 15, 2010 ( National Show)

  • 1st place:  Reserve Senior Champion Stallion
  • 2nd place:  Stallions, 4 yrs. and over 

Ohio State Fair Regional Shire Show, August 11, 2005 (Regional show)

  • 4th place: Stallions, 3 yrs. and under 4

KILE, September 29, 2004 ( National Show)

  • 2nd place:  Stallions, 2 yrs. and under 3

Ohio State Fair, August 9, 2004 (Regional Show)

  • 1st place:   Reserve Junior Champion Stallion
  • 2nd place:  Stallions, 2 yrs. and under 3

KILE, October 1, 2003 ( National Show)

  • 1st place:  Stallions, 1 yr. and under 2 (9 Entries)
  • 1st place:  Reserve Junior Champion Stallion
  • 1st place:  Best American Bred Stallion

Ohio State Fair, September 1, 2003 (Regional Show)

  • 1st place:  Stallions, 1 yr. and under 2 (6 Entries)
  • 1st place:  Best American Bred Stallion
  • 1st place:  Junior Champion Stallion
  • 1st place:  Grand Champion Stallion

Ohio State Fair, August 20, 2002 (Regional Show)

  • 1st place:  Stallion Foal (6 Entries)
  • 1st place:  Best American Bred Stallion
  • 1st place:  Reserve Junior Champion Stallion
  • 1st place:  Reserve Grand Champion Stallion 





      Hi! What's up?    !!!DINNERTIME!!!  *I love winter!* 

**Water playtime** 

          I won it!  Now I WANT it!             Handsome, handsome, handsome!

  To give you an idea of the size of Moon, my husband holding him in the photo below is 6'5".  Just a giant baby (Moon.....ok maybe the husband too : )



(Smith's Moonlight Voyager) born 4/26/2001 

 18.3 hand tall old-style gelding out of Chatterbox Chatty Cathy and  sired  by our late stallion Jenson's Moonlight VoyagerMoon is our strongest, big-gest and most ornery Shire.  Although broke to ride, most people wouldn't, so he's become our best hitch horse.  He's built like the "old-style" Shires; tall, sturdy, big-barrelled and is out of our very much-loved late Stallion Moonlight Voyager (we called him Pride).  This boy is a worker and can pull anything!  He drives single, double, and 4-up.  He absolutely LOVES playing in the water, loves his baths, loves hose water squirting in his mouth, loves swimming in the ponds.  Moon is so much fun!  This horse truly epitomizes the perfectly built Shire of old.  He takes so much pleasure in life, lives everyday to the fullest and we adore him!  Please enjoy more pictures of our treasured gelding Moon both at work and at play in our Photo Gallery.   

                      OUR 2009 SHIRE COLT (gelding)


(Charlotte's Web of DunRovin') 5/3/2009

Web, our boy out of beautiful Charlotte & sired by our kind stallion Apollo,  is already at 15+ hands and is he adorable or what!!!  He is now just 2 years old and quickly growing into a beautiful tall gelding.  I will get some updated pictures of him on here soon.  He is black as black can be and very gentle and sweet.  With his kind personality he will make a great riding/driving horse when he's old enough.  By the way, that's not dirt, but minerals on his nose in a couple of the photos.  Oh, how he loves his mineral tub!  If you would like to see the official Pedigree for Webber and more pictures, feel free to go to our Sales Page.  There are also more pictures and information about our wonderful Charlotte's Web on our ! Babies ! and Photo Gallery Pages.