O'Bannon's DunRovin' Ranch, LLC

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The Story of O'Bannon's DunRovin' Ranch 

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O'Bannon's DunRovin' Ranch, LLC

Once upon a time there was a man that had gotten away from his roots.  He had gone from the country, fresh air, horses, rodeos, dogs, and cows to being in the city, working, going to school, socializing, etc. - you know.   

Ever since she was a little girl engrossed in reading all the Walter Farley Black Stallion series of books, she dreamed of owning a big black stallion.  The dream faded as the years went by.  Life became chaotic after college as she became an athlete, a trainer, raising two boys, fulfilling social obligations. 

Through heartbreaks, trials, and fate; these two opposites met, became friends, fell in love, married and soon realized they wanted out of the rat race.  For almost seven years they looked for just the right place and finally found it 90 miles away from the city.  They attained 80 beautiful acres with ponds, creeks, trees, and great pastures! 

From this unimproved area of land, through back-breaking work, countless hours, more funds than can be thought about,  a lot of sweat, and even a few tears ............... TOGETHER they built     

O'Bannon's DunRovin' Ranch, LLC. (ODR)  


   and the saga continues... 

We named our small ranch in honor of Anns’ grandparents, Earl & Norma Burton, who began the original DunRovin’ Ranch, a Black Angus operation, in Miami, Oklahoma back in the 1950’s.

Now here we are:  Rod, with a long commute to work, but peace and great scenery at home; and Ann, a former city girl now turned country, doing work she never imagined could be so hard, yet enjoyable.  And Yes, her Knight-In-Shining-Armor got her that big, beautiful, black stallion, her special PRIDE and joy.  Now we have 2 stallions, along with 4 geldings, 10 mares and fillies, 1 Black Angus bull, a herd of longhorn cows, 6 fabulous hunting Labrador retrievers and 2 of the best American Tundra Shepard guard dogs in the world.  All are on our photo pages.

*To learn more about each of our animals, please go to their specific pages.*    

Please feel free to use our contact page to reach us with any questions you have about ShiresSpotted DraftsAmerican Tundra Shepards, our Labrador Retrievers, etc.



 for generations to come!


We are looking forward to our son Luke, his wonderful wife Kati, our grandaughter Maddison, grandson Jaxon & new grandaughter Allison to join us full-time at the ranch.  The sooner, the better - for without them all of this would not be possible.   

Music credit:  'Forever Road' by Darius Rucker from his Learn to Live album.