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How we came to own Spotted Draft horses..... 

Rod and I (Ann) went to North Dakota to pick up a couple of Shire girls & while there Rod fell for a darling, wild, super-flashy, spotted, 4-month old foal that had been on thousands of acres and handled minimally, if at all.  As soon as he laid eyes on her, his face lit up and  I knew he was going to bring that girl home.  We loaded her up with our Shire mare Crystal and her daughter Lily.    

Both foals were four months old and we were told they were weaned.  By the time we made it back home they were BOTH nursing on Cryssy and that spotted girl was so afraid of people it was sad.  It took weeks and many hours of foal training referring to my John Lyons book but finally she trusted us and our  pretty Iris has turned out not to only be "Daddy's Sweetheart" but an awesome driving horse.  She proudly struts her stuff at the parades and works her heart out here at home.  Rod  has actually ridden the giant girl a few times but she's not totally broke yet. 

She became a mom for the first time in 2009 when she gave birth to April (below) and did a fantastic job at that too.  About 10 minutes after she had the baby Iris's head started spinning around like in the "Exorcist" movie, she jumped up and made it known to all of us all that this was her baby - hers alone - she wasn't going to share.  We let her get away with that for only two days then we had a little meeting of the minds and she finally let us enjoy the adorable filly too! 

Since Iris turned out so well, we got Lacey a year later and she's not just beautiful, but sweet as well.  Lacey will start official training this year and will be a team with Iris.

Later we were surprised with a wonderful October Spotted Draft stallion foal we named Laddie who is one of our favorite horses on the ranch.  So much zest and personality and still so very sweet.  We can't wait to get more of these awesome horses!     


 Spotted Drafts / Pinto Drafts


We currently own one gelding, two mares, and one two year old filly of this awesome breed.  All 4 either are, or can be, double-registered as Premium NASDHA and PDR. 

There are two associations we know of that currently deal with the drafts of spotted or pinto coloring.  For more information on the breed, you can go to either or both websites. One  is  the North American Spotted Draft Horse Association (NASDHA), formed to preserve and promote draft horse with pinto spotting and to increase public awareness of these beautiful and rare horseshttp://www.nasdha.net/ and the other is the Pinto Draft Horse Registry (PDR), a color registry formed to preserve and promote these beautiful horses of Pinto Color. http://www.pinto-draft-registry.com/.   

      For more information on Spotted Drafts/Pinto Drafts, please                              see our Spotted Draft Info page.