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Welcome to our Longhorn section.  Some of our foundation cows are registered ITLA (International Texas Longhorn Association) and some are grade, but all are nice & gentle.    The following are just a few that are kept here at ODR while the rest are at our VO Ranch up north.


Ethyl & Hillary

Our ITLA Longhorns, Ethyl and Hillary are sisters that have been together since birth.  They continue to be fantastic producers  & moms & even have assisted with other calves.

Ethyl + 2008 & 2009 Calves

Hillary + 2008 & 2009 Calves


Percival & Hans 

Ethyl and Hillary, both had bull calves in 2007 sired by the popular ITLA bull, Alter Boy.  Ethyl's boy Percival (Percy) is now a breeding bull and lives with his brother, Hans and their herd at the (VanReed/O'Bannon) VO Ranch  north of K.C. in Trimble, MO.


ITLA Bull Percival(Percy) with brother Hans in the background coming for treats! 




Mama came to us with her calf Rusty (pics below) and her buddy Blackie (pics below) a few years ago.  She continually puts out excellent calves easily.  The one shown in the pictures was our Valentine's Day present a couple of years back.  Named, of  course, Valentine (Val).


Rusty & Cinco 

Rusty came with her mom (Mama - see pics above).  Aside from being a beautiful longhorn producing super calves and a terrific mom , she's a fantastic asset to our cattle program . 


Cinco was Mama's first calf born here at DunRovin' and came on May 5th - hence - her name.    



Blackie is a favorite here at the ranch since she loves taking range cubes from guests.  She came here with Mama & Rusty (pics above) and has gone from a skittish, scared longhorn to a sweet, albeit wary, great cow.  She has given us terrific calves and as with all the other cows here - is a super mom.  Her size is large, her color is fabulous, and her horns are magnificent!

The last picture above is Blackie's 2009 calf.  What great horns this one will have one day!