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Recently it has become the "in" thing to cross breed Longhorn cows with an Equalizer bull in order to produce a leaner, healthier meat. 

We have been doing this from the beginning! 

We breed our Angus bull to our Longhorn cows and the result has been fantastic.  An awesome melt-in-your-mouth T-bone with just the right amount of fat is the result of our combination.  You can read more about it under Organic Beef.

Our Angus Equalizer Bull 


 Meet Little Guy, our Black Angus Cross bull.  He joined us here at the ranch due to his becoming an orphan at 5 weeks of age.  As you can see in some of the pictures below, he was pretty small --- at first.  Luckily, he's grown into a strapping young bull that is a bit of a pet.  He's quite easy to handle, is great with his longhorn herd and terrific with his calves.  He loves being rubbed,  scratched, and even curried at times.  He's producing great, healthy calves  and hopefully will be here for a good, long while.


CAUTION NOTE:  Even though this bull is very nice and has been raised and handled on a daily basis since he was a born, do not believe that dealing with a bull is ever something to take lightly.  Although the pictures may appear carefree, we at ODR take care each & every time we handle Little Guy or Percy.  The time of year, other cows present, strangers that may be near, along with many other precautions should be taken when dealing with bulls.