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We are now making our 2012 breeding plans for EARLY (February-April) 2013 BABIES!!!  Keep checking for updates.  Buyers sometimes want to make payments along the way which works for us.   We also ACCEPT ALL MAJOR CREDIT CARDS through Pay Pal.   


2011 Baby!!!


 O'Bannon's May  Belle 




Iris's baby girl was born sometime between midnite and 2am Saturday, May  . Mom sneaked her in on us in one of the few blind spots we have with our cameras.  So when Rod went out to check on her   it was a bit startling to hear a cute little whinny answer. What an adorable little filly!





                         April   &   May

Iris's new girl is almost a mirror image of her 2009 baby April. Both have a little black spot on their tail & a very thick white stripe on their face, but May is mostly white with a little black and of course we all know, April is mostly black with a little white.  Also our new May Belle has a partial blue left eye whereas Aprils' half blue eye is her right. So cute!

                   APRIL - 2009 Baby                     MAY - 2011 Baby 


2009 Babies!!!


Below are photos of foals born here at ODR.  There is also a photo album of the birth of Crystal & Pride's baby Legacy that you might interest you.  ENJOY!!!


                     Lily's Sir Tristan of DunRovin'



 Lily & Tristan

Our firstborn of 2009 was Lily's baby Sir Tristan of DunRovin' at 2:20 in the afternoon on April 18th. Tristan was her first baby and weighed in at 187 lbs. He IMMEDIATELY crawled up to kiss his mom thank you as soon as he was born.   What a sweetheart! 


                                O'Bannon's April Rose




Next up was Iris's first baby, a girl we named April.  She arrived at 8:41p.m. on April the 26th, and weighed just under  200lbs.  Iris de-cided she wanted to keep her girl all to herself for a couple of days but since then she's been glad to share.



                Charlotte's Web of DunRovin'



Charlotte & Web

Charlotte's boy Webber was born on May 3rd at 1:40a.m.  He was her first  foal entering the world weighing about 170lbs.  Charlotte is  a big love-bug and Web has been a pocket pet just like her ever since he was born!  He is simply adorable.


Charlotte stayed in this position for over 45 minutes one day so as not to disturb napping Webber.  Ahhhhh, to be such a patient and kind mama! 

            Crystal's Sir Valiant of DunRovin'



Crystal & V

Crystal Pepsi, our herd leader & old hand in the baby department, gave birth at 8:44a.m.  May 6th to our biggest foal ever - Sir Valient of DunRovin'.  Baby "V"   was also the most heav-ily muscled foal ever born here.  At birth he weighed a few ounces over 200lbs. 





                  When Barns Start Blossoming


"They've all gone to bed now, it's all right" .  The old mare nickers in the night.

She sighs, quite weary, while nibbling  hay. This was, she thinks,  the longest day.

People all worried, showing anxious faces. They keep waiting.....the mare just paces.

Their calendars have all been duly marked, But the spirit of birth still has not embarked.

The old mare watches the house lights dim.  The world is silent - it's time to begin.

  The stable is hushed, as a church in prayer,     With the golden aura of hay-scented air.

   The old mare knows, and on her side,      She's caught in the grip of a mighty tide.

And now, burst free to struggle, to stand, Trembling, wet, awkward, GRAND!

A gangling, grappling, gorgeous foal.  A baritone with fuzzy poll. 


A din of voices and the lantern's glare, Swinging shadows..."Look, it's here!"

     A joyous circle, sleepy eyed,       Applaudes the foal at the mare's side.

                        "A filly? A colt?"                         "Well, you'd better check."

                  "Look at those hocks!                                    Get a load of that neck!"

   She noses her baby, a bit chargrined.  Says a laughing voice, "Okay, you win."

          The folks file out, all  in awe,             As peace descends on the darkened stall.                                                                                    It is once again the time of birth,

When barns start blossoming,

With foals on earth.

                  Author Unknown

2007 Baby!  Pride's Legacy of DunRovin'

Crystal gave birth to a very beautiful baby boy, Pride's Legacy, on May 12th.  He was born big and happy, with four long, white stockings and a gorgeous face.  We had given rabies shots and were assured they were ok to give our pregnant mares but after reading and studying up - we are certain those shots were the cause for Legacy to be born with a bad cleft palate and he had to be euthanized the very day he came to us.  It was very traumatic for Crystal, as well as all of us that were so looking forward to having a part of Pride with us again.  By the way, if a vet tells you to sedate the mare and "she'll forget about it by morning" --- HOGWASH!!!  Our mares mourn, sometimes for weeks, especially Cryssy.  We have a special place in our hearts for Legacy due to the fact that he was our last foal out of our late stallion Pride.  Read more about him and his daddy on our Tributes page.  FYI --- we no longer give our pregnant mares rabies shots!  The photos below are of Legacy's birth and some are a bit graphic.  He was truly



2006 Babies!

Crystal had her foal Sunrise right at - you guessed it - sunrise on May the 26th in 2006.  She has been our sweetheart, bombproof, huge, beautiful girl ever since and is still Crystal's favorite.  More about our wonderful Sunrise is on our Shire Girls and Photo Gallery  Pages.         




We used to have two sister Belgian mares, Savannah & Sassy (now owned by our father-in-law).  Our Belgian Bugsy was born here on June 2, 2006 to big  Savannah and will be here forever due to an injury he received when he was just a year old.  We still have to dress this injury weekly & it's not a painless procedure. Yet Bugsy walks out of the pasture gate and right into the yard without even a halter so we can treat him.  He's now almost 18hands tall, and around 1900 lbs, but still a GIANT pet.  He is as gentle as the Shires and is our herd leader, Crystals adopted son --- so no one bothers Bugsy.  Though he's now the only Belgian on the ranch, he thinks like a Shire, lives with the Shires and we've dubbed him our official mascot.  Currently he is being broke to ride by our son Luke.  By the way, Bugsy is meeting Webber for the first time in the middle picture.  To enjoy more pics of Bugs go to our Photo Gallery or Mascots Pages.    







Laddie was our October surprise.  Rod went to N.D. to pick up a couple of horses and called home saying he thought this mare was farther along than we were being told.  After some thought, we decided to go ahead and bring her home without knowing just how  close to foaling she really was.                                                           


We went out EARLY on the chilly morning of October 22nd of 2006 to find that just 8 days after our sweet Sadie mare came to live with us, she had a small, newly born, spotted foal in the isolation pasture with her!  (She was supposed to have been bred to a black, registered Shire stallion for an April 2007 baby!)  The vet said he was one or two weeks early and we were worried because he was MUCH smaller than what we were used to.  We had no foaling preps ready, no small blankets to fit him (check out the pics, we had to use Rods sweatshirts as blankets), we were totally unprepared.  Talk about the Flight of the Bumblebee.  We were racing around getting a foaling stall prepped, making sure he got colostrum, warming him, etc.   Lad has turned out to be a great horse, big, healthy, growing well, tall, flashy, with terrific conformation and most importantly, a very nice attitude.  Thanks to DNA testing and an alert ASHA secretary, we found his sire to be the well-known triple registered, Shire Sporthorse/NASDH/AWS, SunState Jericho (now named Shenandoah).  So we came out ahead after all!!!  Please read more about Lad on our Sales,  Photo Gallery,  and Our Spotted Boys  Pages and more about his Shire mom Sadie on our Tributes page.  She was a perfect mother and a beautiful, wonderful mare, not only on the outside, but inside as well. 

          Music credit:  Edited version of 'Here I Am' (Alternate Version) by Bryan Adams, from his Anthology album.